Choose Perfect Lighting to Decorate Your Home in Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style differ from one country to another and is often done using local material. Farmhouse style décor gives a traditional rustic interior and provides warm and cozy feelings. That is why many people love this kind of interior decoration for their home. Though it looks more of a traditional side, modern touch can be easily combined.

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Some other characteristics of a farmhouse style are:

·         The furniture used are more of rustic style such as wood and wrought iron and simple. Mostly inherited furniture will be used or you can find them in any thrift store

·         Mostly bright and neutral colors are preferred to give a rustic effect. Usually the color palettes will be from gray, cream, navy and other colors that amplifies light

·         Open layout for kitchen, living room and dining

·         Above all, a farmhouse décor doesn’t need so much planning. It is done effortlessly.

Farmhouse Lighting Ideas

Proper lighting is a must for any type of space and in case of farmhouse too. Here are some modern and rustic ideas for farmhouse lighting. The key elements that complements farmhouse décor are: classic designs, exposed bulbs and weather-beaten finishes.

Light up your living space with the addition of pendant lights that adds to the farmhouse appeal. You can choose black matte finish pendant lights or if you want to add some modern touch, options are there like floral pattens. Find a perfect match that suits your space.

For decorating your kitchen space in farmhouse style, beaded chandeliers. There are so many styles available like, antique bronze finish, steel frame draping with wooden beads and you can choose whichever suits best to your space. Group of clear glass pendant lights are great choice for your kitchen space for a dramatic look.

Or the wooden candle chandeliers that has the weathered finish can be the perfect choice to give the feeling of antiquity. If the space is larger, you can go for dual mini chandeliers to light up the area.

Brighten up your bedroom with a table lamp that has a linen shade. Choose ceramic or wooden table lamps that will bring the antique touch to your space.

Natural wooden chandeliers or rustic ones will bring extra warmth to your entry way. Add more lighting by fixing industrial-inspired floor lamps that has a weathered finish.

Usually, farmhouse décor maintains a clean look. Use white based chandeliers on top of your dining table that will attract your guests. Or a chandelier that is made of black metal and wood combination will also give a relaxed vibe in your dining space.

For your outdoor spaces use metal lanterns or wood designs that has weathered finish to bring the antique touch. Some lights also come with battery-powered lights so need not worry about plugging-in.

With these tips, now it will be easier for you to find the perfect lighting for decorating your home space in farmhouse style.