A Guide To Learn About The Different Types of Eyewear

Many people get prescriptions for wearing glasses to protect their eyes but in the specialty side, there are computer glasses for reducing digital strain on eyes, polarized sunglasses for blocking the harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes, etc. Most people carry more than one pair of glasses as style statements or simply for emergency times.

Voogueme is a great website for buying cheap glasses made of good quality materials. Discounts and weekly sales are making it affordable for people to purchase. The website is safe and reliable for purchase. Different types of glasses people carry are listed as under:

  • Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not just for fashion but protecting your eyes from harmful sun’s rays. Sunglasses are like an expression of fashion and personality for many people. You will find so many brands coming with unique designs and ideas. Prescription glasses can be made using tints and UV full protection.

  • Computer glasses

With the continuous use of laptops and digital devices, people are facing many eye problems like dryness, blurred vision, etc. It is possible for taking single vision lenses for viewing from a distance. Progressive lenses are designed especially for using digital devices. Many computer classes come with anti-reflective coating.

  • Reading glasses

After 40 years, many people find it difficult to read smaller prints. Reading glasses are quite inexpensive and come in various styles and colors. You can choose the designs depending on your style and you are ready to go.

  • Sports glasses

Many sportspersons suffer eye injuries and wearing protective eyeglasses and goggles can prevent this. This eyewear is made of stronger materials made for resistance and durability. These glasses come with special prism lenses for increasing the wearer’s vertical field of view.

Eyeglasses for women

Women must have at least 4 pairs of glasses creating a huge impact on how they look. The four different types are listed as under:

  • Statement glasses

Regular glasses don’t work much nowadays. Statement glasses come in cool colors and various shapes preferred by women. These patterns boost confidence in women and make them look stylish.

  • Daily wear

This is the pair of glass that they carry with themselves at all times. Give attention to the frame you are buying because you will be wearing this everywhere. Go with neutral colors and choose frames matching your face types. Also, these glasses should match with the formalities of the place you are working at.

  • Prescription glasses

These are the killer glasses making you look funky at the beach or casual at any party. For prescription glasses, choose big and gorgeous pairs for you. This way you can enjoy your vacation in style.

  • Rimless glasses

These glasses come with neutral earpieces and templates and are best to carry one pair always. Keep two rimless glasses, one in gold and the other in silver color.


Keep your eyes safe and wear glasses. Get recommendations about the coating and lens type from your doctor.