Gravity Bong and How Can You Make It for You

When people were not able to use marijuana so openly like it is today, people used to make their own homemade gravity bong. You will need just a few plastic bottles to make such bongs.

You can inhale the smoke through a funnel passing via the water. Here you have to just submerge one small container along with a cannabis bowl on the top, in one bigger plastic bottle. You can also choose a bucket full of water instead.

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What is gravity bong?

Most of the people who are quite accustomed to using bongs are aware how to make their own gravity bong by using a socket and a wrench set. All it needs is screwing one hole in your bottle lid and then attaching this tool to it. Also alternatively, you can find a tool which can offer a good fit on the mouth of the bottle.

You need to ensure that the socket is quite large enough, so that the weed can fit inside. If you do it in a proper manner, then you must get extremely high cannabis as a bargain. Following are a few steps given here to do it.

  1. Just pick any socket of the right size. Best sizes will be ranging in diameter between 12mm and 15mm.
  2. Just by placing this socket you can test the fit in the mouth of your bottle.
  3. Around all the sides of your socket, wrap duct tape for creating a tight seal.
  4. Now place fitted metal gauze in the socket for creating a ‘bowl’ for the herb.
  5. In the bottle’s bottom, cut a hole and ensure that hole is not too large. If it is large then water may flow out very quickly.
  6. Now place your bottle in a larger container and then try to fill it with water.
  7. Finally load your socket and try to place it in the bottle’s mouth. Be ready to enjoy your smoke!

How to make bucket bong?

Making a bucket bong will be pretty straightforward. You can decide your sizes of bottles to be used. You can make even a 5-gallon bucket bong, but we will not ask you to try clearing it immediately. You can also use a bucket for making gravity bongs instead of larger bottles.

Materials required

Following are the required materials besides plastic bottles or bucket:

  • Aluminum foil
  • One sharp knife
  • One poking device
  • Minimum one gram of weed

Following are few easy and quick steps:

  1. First cut out the smaller bottle’s bottom. Remember that, less you will cut off, bigger will be the hit.
  2. Now cut the top of your bigger bottle and then fill it with water. Also you can fill a bucket with water.
  3. In the cap of the bottle, carve a hole by using a scissor or knife and create a bowl with foil.
  4. Finally poke holes in the foil such that smoke can easily travel into the bottle.

You have your own made bong with you. Enjoy inhaling marijuana to the fullest.