Helix Piercing – What You Should Know About Before Going With The Option

Body piercing has become a trend today. Face piercing such as nose piercing, eyebrow piercing ear piercing lip piercing, etc., are in fashion today both among men and women.

When it comes to ear piercing, you might hear the term helix piercing quite often. This is a type of ear piercing that has become quite famous today. If you also wish to get your ear pierced, then you can visit Pierceoff in Stafford, Australia. The experts are quite famous for offering painless piercing options there. You can even find the right set of helix earrings for you.

Helix Piercing – What is It

Helix piercing is actually a type of piercing wherein the upper part of the ear will be pierced. You can get either one piercing or two, the choice is up to you.

Forward, Double and Triple Helix Piercing

Forward helix piercing will be done in the curve of the ear. The piercing starts from the nook and ends when the piercing unit meets the head. Double piercing is the type wherein two studs will be placed in the piercing. The same goes for triple forward helix also.

Right Jewellery for Helix Piercing

Normally, the most preferred jewellery for helix piercing is the earring. However, your piercer might suggest you to go with the idea of choosing the bar design. The main reason for choosing the bar design for helix piercing is that there are no or lesser chances of infection. If you choose rings, then there are higher chances of the bacteria getting into your piercing, as the loop moves around the pierced hole.

Does Helix Piercing Hurts

The helix piercing area in the ear is quite thin and this makes the piercing procedure quite painless. All you might feel is a little pinch and you are good to go. Sometimes, the location of the helix piercing that you choose will also decide the actual pain that you will go through, during the piercing process.

Cost for Helix Piercing

The overall cost for the helix piercing usually depends on the store that you choose for piercing.

Healing Process after Helix Piercing

The healing process in a helix piercing procedure normally lasts for 3 to 6 months. The healing time in a helix piercing process will also depend on the body type of each individual.

Aftercare of Helix Piercing

There are higher chances of your ears suffering from bacterial infections after the helix piercing procedure. Hence, it is suggested to follow the aftercare processes of a helix piercing in a systematic way, or as suggested by your piercer.

Just make sure that you keep the pierced area clean and dry. There are higher chances of you suffering from bacterial infections, if you do not follow suggested procedures thoroughly.

There are many kinds of helix earrings for you such as stacked, hoops, plain rings, celestial moon design, hoops designed with rainbow coloured stones, bars that hug your earlobes and so on. Choose the design that suits your personality and be a trendsetter in the town.