Gift the New Mother the Best Diaper Essential Gift Basket Ever

Motherhood is a blessing that everybody eagerly welcomes with lots of love and gifts. Any parent would love to receive gifts that are useful. So, if you are attending a baby shower of the new mom, be sure to make her the best gift basket ever. She would feel thankful if you gift her diaper bag essential, as any parent would know that these items are never enough. You can also add some items for the mom – something that would keep her refreshed.

Nowadays, many people hardly have the time to buy different baby products separately. They prefer buying baby gift box directly from a trustworthy company. Bespoke Baby in Australia is one such business created with much love and effort for the little ones. They have an amazing collection of baby gifts. You can even create a personalised gift box by adding your choice of gifts and something for both the mother and father. You would fall in love with the unique design and quality of the products.

The Items You Cannot Miss Out

Whether you are buying a gift box or assembling the gift basket by yourself you need to know exactly what must for a diaper bag are. In this way you won’t miss out on the essentials when gifting.

  1. Diapers – The most important item for the baby is diaper. You would always find yourself going short on stock when raising a baby. Stack your gift basket with generous number of diapers.
  2. Wipes – It comes in handy for both the mother and the baby.
  3. Diaper changing mat – Though many of them use soft towel or muslin to place the baby for changing diapers, changing mats are more convenient.
  4. Baby bottom balm – Diaper rashes are common in case the baby is wearing diaper for a long time. Bottom balms would give them relief from this discomfort.
  5. Sanitizer – Hand sanitizers are important when you travel outside with the baby.
  6. Change of cloth for both mom and the baby – You never known when you would need to change clothes, especially for the baby. Things like throwing up or leaking diaper is common. You also would not be able to escape unscathed.
  7. Small toys – The best way to keep the baby engaged is entertaining them with new toys. It’s easy to pacify them with this.
  8. Feeding bottle and powdered formula – Your diaper bag should always carry enough foods and extra feeding bottle.
  9. The Diaper bag – Choose a functional and cute diaper bag so that the mother feels nice and comfortable.

Make the Basket Yourself

  • Choose such a container as gift basket that would have further use. For instance, if you use a wooden crate, it can serve as a planter or store other things in the house.
  •  You can decorate the basket with flowers, frills, colours, stencils or cut-outs. You can also add the name of the baby for a personal touch.
  • After cushioning the bottom, you can arrange the items from big to small size.