Drug Test and CBD – How to Steer Clear of Drug Intake Charges

Cannabidiol or also known as CBD is one of the many extracts of the cannabis plants. The other cannabis extracts, which have also become quite popular around the world, are marijuana and hemp.

The high effect that the users of marijuana feel is because of the THC. CBD will not contain any percentage of THC in it, and hence there are no chances of you failing the drug test while in CBD cycle.

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Drug Tests and CBD

CBD oil is devoid of THC, the actual cause of the sense of feeling high when consumed. Hence, there are not many chances of you failing the drug tests. However, there are some chances that might end up with you failing the drug test while on CBD cycle.

  • Contamination with THC

CBD can become contaminated by THC at the home or in the shop, if you have the habit of taking the other forms of CBD. Sometimes, the manufacturers might even make a mistake of contaminating CBD with THC.

  • Duration and Dosage

Different forms of CBD will have trace amounts of THC in them. If you follow the dosage cycle of CBD high intake at regular time intervals, then there are chances of THC staying in your system. Remember that THC requires a few days or even a few weeks to completely leave your system. Hence, plan the dosage accordingly with your drug test date.

  • Source of CBD

“Full Spectrum CBD” is the plant extract that contains the complete package of cannabis extracts, including THC, whereas “CBD Isolate” is the product that is derived solely from hemp and will not contain any percentage of THC in it. If you are not sure about whether or not to trust a CBD extract, then all you have to do is contact the lab that has actually tested the product.

Normally, the work-related drug tests that will be conducted in companies on a periodic basis will not follow the screening test for CBD. However, if you are in the CBD cycle involving the presence of THC, then there are minor chances of this showing up in the drug test results.

The best way of escaping from facing the negative impact of drug tests is to find the right CBD product for you. You can do so by following these below mentioned tips.

  • Check for the percentage of THC present in any particular CBD product.
  • Go through the ingredients list thoroughly
  • Check about any particular CBD supplement with the help of online search tools and know more about any product before starting the dosage cycle.

Some of the countries have not yet legalized the possession of CBD. If you are living in one of such countries, then it is strictly suggested to check the laws for CBD possession in your state before planning to purchase CBD.