Why decide the mat size before buying it?

Floor Mats are the fabric material used to pull off all the dirt from the bottom of the shoes before entering the surroundings. Mats come in different sizes, but one has to choose it depending on the requirement.

Mat sizes are usually ignored while selecting it. There are varieties of floor mats available in the market, such as Anti-Fatigue Mats, Scraper Mats, Waterhog mats, classic floor Mats, and industrial entrance Mats. Each one of them has different sizes and benefits. While choosing and purchasing the Mats, considering the size of mats is essential, especially when buying for commercial purposes.

There are various reasons for answering why you should consider verifying the sizes of the floor Mats.

In this case, you need to check the below points:


It is the foremost thing to consider while looking for floor mats. Always choose your mat size according to the location. If you are purchasing the mats for commercial purposes, the area of your premises matters. According to your surroundings, choose the mat size. There are different sizes available in the market for varied purposes. But if you confuse about what size you should consider, always go for the longer mats. The longer mats have their advantages. Think someone is entering inside the premises with dust in the bottom of their footwear – in this situation, the floor mats help those dust particles to remove. The longer the Mats, the easier it is to get the dust from the material.

Larger mats are long-lasting and safer.

Larger mats are more durable than smaller mats. It is a safety hazard, and no one would want their Mats to move around so, you can’t overlap them. The larger mats keep the premises cleaner and safer. The floor that is dirty and wet add to slip and fall accidents. So, the longer and larger mats give protection and make sure the dust particles don’t spread to the other parts of the areas. In this way, this will make your floor cleaner. The cleaner the floor is, the safer it is. Even some Mats are long-lasting so, if you choose the right size of the mats, you don’t have to think about the replacement next 15-20 years.

Additional tips

If you can’t think of the size of the Mats you want according to your location, you can start with the basics. First of all, decide for what purpose you want to have a mat. Secondly, check the product descriptions that include all the safety measures and protection. Product description details also cover all the sizes and dimensions of the floor mats. You can look for all the sizes, compare them and then determine the most suitable one for you.

In the end

If you are purchasing the mat for commercial use, the industrial entrance mats are the ones you should look for. It should not be small as many people don’t wipe off their shoes while coming inside the premises. Also, long mats ensure that dust particles, soil, or any dirt must be cleaned before they hit their foot to the floor. While choosing the entrance mats is solely one’s decision and want, one should consider getting protective and efficient mats. Waterhog entrance is one of the most popular entrance mats to use in the industries available in the market.